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Evan Cromarty, 20, was shot by Canadian police at a baseball game at Norway House Cree First Nation and was taken into custody upon leaving the hospital.

Man Wounded by RCMP Leaves Hospital, Goes Directly to Jail


The man shot by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at Norway House Cree First Nation has been charged with aggravated assault, breaking and entering and four counts of uttering threats, the Winnipeg Free Press reported.

Evan Matthew Cromarty, 20, has a “notorious criminal past,” the Winnipeg Free Press said, and was fleeing arrest when he was gunned down. The youth was charged as he recovered from a shoulder wound in the hospital. After surgery, he was released and taken into custody.

Just two months earlier, Cromarty had gotten out of jail stemming from other charges and had vowed to turn his life around, the Winnipeg Free Press said. Cromarty was unarmed when police opened fire before players and spectators near a children’s baseball game. The incident escalated tensions in the community between the RCMP and the First Nation community.

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Alberta investigators have been assigned to look into what happened, CBC News reported. The 200 witnesses included Cromarty’s 9-year-old brother, who is traumatized, the boys’ father told CBC News.

"You couldn't help him stop crying because he was in shock you know," the father, Brian Cromarty, told the network, adding that he himself is in shock. "He just saw his brother get shot. Last night, as he went to bed, my son told me, 'I can't sleep, Dad. This thing keeps coming into my mind.' "

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