Chelan HD/Vimeo
Three animals are barely discernable as they pick their way across the moonscape that is now part of the Methow Valley in central Washington State.

Video: Moonscape in Wake of Washington Fire Devastation, as Blaze Rages On


The Carlton Complex of fires, comprising the largest wildfire in Washington State history, is at 250,136 acres, with 16 percent of the perimeter contained.

One man died of a heart attack while trying to save his property, according to reports. More than 2,100 firefighters are struggling to control the blaze, according to InciWeb. In all, there are upwards of 20 wildfires scorching the Northwest in Oregon and Washington, and both have declared fire states of emergency. 

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Even as the fire continues to rage, the devastation is widespread. Chelan HD Productions LLC sent a drone over the scorched earth, and it came back with haunting footage. The camera glides silently over a wasteland of ash, or in some cases over the fire line showing verdant green on one side and a moonscape on the other. Animals pick their way through the gray ash.

Nearly 200 buildings have been destroyed by the fire, which is devastating central Washington. On July 23 President Barack Obama signed an emergency declaration making aid available to state authorities battling the complex of four blazes, according to a statement from Governor Jay Inslee’s office.

“These additional resources will significantly help our efforts to restore power to thousands of people affected by these fires,” said Inslee of the declaration, which Obama signed after visiting the state.

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