Pinnguaq, a Nunavut game company, has created a scholarship for students interested in technology.

Nunavut Game Company Makes Technology Dreams Come True


Raise your hand if you know what pinnguaq means in Inuktitut—if you guessed that it means “play,” you win!

Pinnguaq is also an aptly named Nunavut game company known for its Inuit language apps. The company has decided to support students interested in technology with a new scholarship, reports Alaska Dispatch News.

The company, based in the community of Pangnirtung in Canada’s eastern Arctic territory of Nunavut, also recently announced the scholarship’s first recipient.

Talia Metuq, 21, of Pangnirtung will be getting $5,620 for her education, which she begins in September at the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver. She plans on studying 3D modeling animation and design, Alaska Dispatch News reports.

“I was speechless when I heard about it,” Metuq told Alaska Dispatch News. “I’m really happy and excited.”

The idea came from one of the code clubs the company hosts for those who want to learn computer programming. One of those clubs is what got Metuq interested in 3D modeling. When she was accepted at the Visual College of Art and Design, but couldn’t afford it, Pinnaguaq stepped in.

“We continue to host these code clubs and we’re going to continue to find these stars in the territory that really want to pursue this,” Pinnguaq’s director Ryan Oliver told Alaska Dispatch News.

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