Hoopa Home-Chef Meagen Baldy: The Crunch on Making Kale Chips


From her home kitchen, Meagen Baldy, director of the Hoopa Community Garden, is teaching her dedicated YouTube and Facebook followers how to eat like our ancestors, and how to embrace healthy, modern cooking.

To accomplish the latter, she is joining the kale chip craze. Kale chips are loved for packing vitamins and antioxidants in a deceivingly delicious, lightly salted, crunchy flake.

Allow Baldy to enlighten you about the health benefits of kale, and visit her YouTube channel for more delicious recipes–many of them featuring her favorite leafy green.

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Hoopa Howcast: An Antioxidant-Packed Stir Fry of Trumpet, Kale and Salmon

Here, Baldy leads viewers step-by-step in baking kale chips at home:

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