NBC Seeks Native Actress for Live 'Peter Pan' With Christopher Walken


NBC is seeking to cast a Native actress for a stage production of Peter Pan that will air live on TV. Actor Christopher Walken has already signed on to play Captain Hook. Sonny Skyhawk, an ICTMN contributor and CEO/Founder of American Indians in Film and Television, contacted ICTMN with the scoop that NBC is making what he called a "rare" effort to cast a Native actress in a Native role. From Sonny:

American Indians in Film & Television has taken the opportunity to help find a Native actress for the role of "TIGER LILY" for this NBC production of PETER PAN, LIVE. Any young Native female, from age 18 to 30. who can sing, dance and act, can be submitted. The casting entity is accepting digital pictures and resumes. Be sure to include a sidebar, where you tell a little about who you are and where you come from. All of this can be done digitally and submitted. Be sure to include your contact information and make yourself available.

Submit to: Sean Gannon, at : [email protected]

If selected, you would go to New York on August the 8th to finalize the audition, and if selected again, begin working in NY from October the 6th to December the 4th. This is a live musical play that will be televised, and a great opportunity for whomever gets chosen. Good luck, if you have any questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

Sonny hopes that the Native American community will get the word out about this opportunity: "I would be most appreciative, and so would the Native girl who lands the role."

(Note: This production of Peter Pan should not be confused with the planned prequel film, in which Rooney Mara has been controversially cast as Tiger Lily.) 

Here's the flyer from NBC (you can also see this listing at Playbill.com):

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