One of the things non-Natives adore is a pow wow. They go ga-ga over them, and rightly so.

10 Things Other People Love About Indians and Stuff

Simon Moya-Smith

4.     Casinos, though there is a troubling number of non-Natives capitalizing on Indian casinos. 

5.     Our luscious locks. “I wish I had your hair!” is something a white person should never utter to a Native American. 

6.     Jason Momoa, that’s if piercing eyes, a fit body and a manly disposition is your thing. Pfft.

Jason Momoa


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IN the late eighties I was working in DC. Read a short article in the Post telling this story. Wilma Mankiller had just testified to a Senate committee and, after the meeting, was invited to ride down in the Senate elevator by Strom Thurmond. In the course of their ride, Thurmond said, "Mankiller. That's an interesting name. How did you come come to have a name like that?" "I earned it," she replied.