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The sun sets on the Shaniko Butte Fire on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon.

Warm Springs Reservation and Buzzard Complex Fires Nearly Contained, Carlton Complex Mega-Blaze Persists


The Shaniko Butte Fire on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation has been 90 percent contained after consuming 42,044 acres since being started by lightning on July 13.

“Oregon Team 1 would like to thank the people of the Warm Springs area for their support and encouragement during the Shaniko Butte Fire,” firefighting personnel said in the final update posted to InciWeb on July 25. “The appreciation expressed by the people in and around Warm Springs helped boost firefighter morale, and the hospitality of the community made the team feel welcome.”

More than 300 personnel were fighting the fire at its height. The flames took one home but was brought under control before catching others, InciWeb said. Now just over 200 are conducting mop-up operations.

The Shaniko Butte Fire was one of more than 20 that have been burning in Washington and Oregon over the past 10 days or so. They included the Buzzard Complex fire and the Carlton Complex fire in Oregon and Washington, respectively. The latter is the biggest fire in Washington State history and as of Monday July 28 was still raging, just 66 percent contained.

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The Buzzard Complex of fires was reigned in and declared all but contained after having torched nearly 400,000 acres—just under 620 square miles—the country’s largest wildfire this season, according to the Associated Press. More than a dozen cattle have perished in that blaze, AP reported.


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The Carlton Complex fire in central Washington State continued to burn on 250,806 acres,  battled by 3,085 personnel, according to InciWeb. The largest fire in Washington State history has claimed at least 300 homes, the Associated Press reported on July 26.

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