Saginaw Grant was 52 when he first appeared on screen in a credited role.

Message From an Elder: Watch 'The Legacy of Saginaw Grant'


Actor Saginaw Grant (Sac and Fox, Iowa and Otoe-Missouria) is one of the most recognizable faces in Indian country. He's also a proud keeper of Native culture who shares his wisdom with younger generations, and he's concerned about the direction in which some of those young people are headed. In this 10-minute documentary, produced by Native Driven Network, the iconic performer known for his work on The World's Fastest Indian, The Lone Ranger, Winter in the Blood and Breaking Bad shares his thoughts on the importance of preserving Native culture, leading a spiritual life, and learning from one's elders.

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Digi Frennson
Digi Frennson
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When I finally started driving, after many years of battling inner fears, one thing stood out the most: I no longer saw the world around me. I really did love driving and I do miss being able to just take off somewhere when I feel the wall closing in or the stress of "modern" living starts taking its toll, but at the same time I realise how much I was missing out. It was probably no great surprise I became sick and had to stop after only five years. I think that this is also one thing that many people today do not notice. Everyone is so busy trying to get somewhere as fast as possible that they do not take the time to just sit back and watch the world unfold around them.