Cherokee Nation
(L to R) Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker, Cherokee citizen BB Livers, Tribal Councilor Frankie Hargis and Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden stand in front of Livers’ new home, which the tribe built after his former home was destroyed in a 2013 fire.

Tribe Rebuilds Citizen’s Home After Fire


 After a fire destroyed BB Livers’ Mulberry Hollow home in Adair County last fall, the Cherokee citizen didn’t know how he would ever recover.

The 67-year-old qualified for a replacement home through Cherokee Nation Community Services’ Housing Rehabilitation Program, meant to help Cherokees just like him.

“I’m proud we are able to help a Cherokee citizen like BB get back on his feet by rebuilding his home. We have a responsibility to provide our people with programs that will make their life better,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker. “That’s why we are investing in new home and rehab home construction for Cherokee citizens. A permanent home is the foundation for success in our families and our communities.”

Livers moved into his 1,300-square-foot, three-bedroom replacement home this month. The replacement home has the same floor plan as those built by the Cherokee Nation Housing Authority.

Community Services is now helping more Cherokees with home repairs and replacement homes than ever in the tribe’s history.In fiscal year 2013, there were 609 Cherokee individuals or families who had homes repaired, received a newly constructed home or received emergency repairs to their homes. That’s 43 percent more homes than in 2012, when about 350 homes were serviced.

In April 2014, the Tribal Council approved $1.7 million in housing rehabilitation dollars and $1.2 million for replacement homes for the community services department to help more Cherokee citizens. The department is also now in the process of using $600,000 in tribal funds to help families in existing Cherokee Nation built homes improve water and sewer systems.

For more information on the community services housing programs in Adair, Cherokee and Wagoner counties call 800-256-0671; Craig, Nowata, Rogers, Tulsa and Washington county citizens call 866-342-2433; McIntosh, Muskogee and Sequoyah county citizens call 866-775-1115; and Delaware, Mayes and Ottawa county citizens call 800-250-6661.

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