The Buried Life
"The Buried Life" fulfilled Brianna's dream to go to Italy.

Video: What Would You Do? Brianna Went to Italy


“The Buried Life,” a show on MTV that helps people cross things off their bucket lists, recently took Brianna, a teen from Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico to Italy.

“My dad is a painter and he’s always dreamed of going to Italy, and in a way, part of him is coming with me,” Brianna says in the video.

The video below shows one of the guys from “The Buried Life” telling Brianna she is going and vignettes from Brianna’s trip to Italy. She visited St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican, where she became visibly emotional.

Stay tuned to ICTMN for an interview with Brianna about her trip and how it changed her life.

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