China’s "Atlantis" is the mysterious Lion City under Qiandao Lake.

Five of the World’s Most Beautiful Underwater Cities


Got travel plans?

If you’re looking for a place to vacation, or if you just need a few travel ideas, the website suggests five of the most “Mind Blowing Underwater Cities” in the world.

Yes, underwater! So pack some scuba gear, your imagination and sense of adventure, and dive in.

1. The 70,000 Palaces; Dwarka, India

The ancient city of Lord Krishna was considered a myth, but ruins discovered in 2000 are forcing experts to take a second look into the Indian tale. Lord Krishna’s city had 70,000 palaces made of precious metals such as gold and silver, but upon his death, they allegedly sank into the sea.

The ruins are 131 feet beneath the surface in the bay of modern-day Dwarka, one of the seven oldest cities in India, the website said. Experts now think he ancient city could have existed as early as 7500 BCE.

2. “Sin City”; Port Royal, Jamaica

TheMindUnleashed.comPort Royal is like an underwater Las Vegas. It was considered "the wickedest city on earth” according to But in the 17th century a massive earthquake ruptured the city; and two-thirds of it sank into the sea. Today, it remains as a small fishing village.


The universal significance of Port Royal stems from the fact that it is distinctly different from most archaeological locations. Generally archaeological excavations represent a long period of time where buildings were constructed, renovated, added, fell into disrepair, were abandoned, collapsed and perhaps built over. In contrast, after just 37 years of existence, the bustling city of Port Royal literally sank into the harbour in a matter of minutes, remaining perfectly preserved as it was on the day of the earthquake.

You can read a historical description of the city on UNESCO’s website.


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Deep water . . . no thank you! I live in a desert, I'll take the scorpions, centipedes and rattlesnakes over sharks and sea monsters any day!