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A young boy found a sick eagle in his yard. It was rescued and treated for a bacterial infection.

Golden Eagle Close to Death Rescued by 11-year-old Boy


A Golden eagle was in grave condition, but officials said a young boy from Cody, Wyoming was able to rescue the bird by calling for help.

County 10 news is reporting that, Preston Olson, 11, found the bird in his yard on Thursday.“We found him in our yard about six miles outside of Riverton,” Preston’s mom Heather told County 10 news. “We Googled what they eat and it’s all meat. My son gave him some raw chicken and water out of a big plastic bowl.”

Stan Harter, a game and fish biologist, took the eagle to the Ironside Bird Rescue Center. “It gave us more fight up there than it did when I loaded it up here,” he said. “That boy was lucky it was so weak at the time, he could’ve been badly hurt.”

The bird was treated for a bacterial infection called “Frounce.”

“This eagle is only three months old and it only weighs 5 pounds, that’s half of what it should be,” Susan Ahalt told County 10. “The eagle could not eat because its mouth and throat was clogged with this bacteria,” she said. “I’m feeding it by tube four times a day with a high-calorie meal and giving it twice-daily medicine, that should kill the bacteria.”

The eagle was chasing her around the room and took three hours to calm down.“[It’s the] meanest eagle I’ve ever seen,” she said, laughing.

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