American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California
American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California staff and American Indian business people and representatives of Verizon in the Chamber's Social media lab at the Chamber's recent EXPO

Indian Country Gets Innovative Tech Tools for Business Training, Thanks to Chamber, Verizon Partnership


The already successful Native American business capacity building training sessions, offered through the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California, just got even stronger, thanks to an innovative partnership between the Chamber and the Verizon Foundation. The collaboration has provided the next level of training tool technology to assist the American Indian Chamber Education Fund (AICEF) and the AICEF Procurement Technical Assistance Center with the business training and development workshops.

Through a grant from the Verizon Foundation, AICEF was able to purchase Microsoft Surface tablets that provide Native American business people who attend the AICEF-Procurement Technical Assistance Center capacity-building training sessions with a more efficient experience in applying the business information provided in these trainings more quickly to their enterprise needs.

Loading AICEF interactive training documents onto these tablets for individual business completion and then sending the completed documents such as business plans, proposals, certification paperwork and other training notes directly back to their business through an email or cloud-based solution has allowed us to streamline its educational experience for Native American business owners.

At last week’s Chamber EXPO, the tablets were used for social media training, providing the Native American business attendees with an “on-the-spot” solution for each business to add, modify or enhance their social media presence with the expert assistance of AICEF on-site experts. No more sitting in a session, listening to tips from experts then having to go back to your office and implement. Expert advice, and business development accomplished together in the same timeframe as it is to hold the session—adding even more effectiveness to its already informative trainings.

“Our Chamber has long enjoyed a great partnership with Verizon and this grant from the Verizon Foundation allows us to continue our vital work to help us move Indian country’s businesses to the next level of success by using much-needed technology at the grassroots level that the Chamber and our AICEF PTAC serve. We do not just ‘talk the talk’ at our events. We strive to assist in implementing the best business practices shared so we really are serving the community. And, the results are in as they are we increasing the success of our economy by the millions of dollars of revenue achieved by AICEF members and clients, building Indian country business sustainability and adding more jobs for us all,” said Tracy Stanhoff, Chamber president.

For more information on the Chamber contact the Chamber at 213-440-3232 or [email protected]. All media inquiries should be directed to Chamber President, Tracy Stanhoff at 714-898-6364 or [email protected].

Formally incorporated as a 501 © 6 non-profit in 1995, the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California is the only business association for Native Americans in California and is an established leader for American Indian business development for people throughout the Nation.

Its mission is to provide a vehicle for American Indian business advocacy, education, networking and strategic technical development of tribal enterprises and individual American Indian businesses.

Its membership includes: tribes; tribal enterprises; ANCs; individual American Indian owned businesses; corporations; government entities; and other supporters of American Indian business development.

The American Indian Chamber Education Fund (AICEF) was formed by the Chamber to be a 501 © 3 non-profit to provide a vehicle for the Chamber Scholarship program and business capacity building technical support efforts. The AICEF was awarded a grant for a Procurement Technical Assistance Center to serve California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona—with the exception of the Navajo Nation, which has it’s own center—that has become extremely successful in assisting tribal enterprises and Native American owned businesses in business development and procurement with the federal, state, municipal and local governments.

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