Rez Pup Sunday: 10 Pups From All Over Indian Country

Vincent Schilling

Readers continue to respond and we continue to love the rez pups as they arrive, just as much as their owners. This week marks week four and the way the submissions keep arriving we have plenty more weeks to go. So Indian country, keep sending in your rez pup photos and we’ll keep sharing the love with our readers.

If you’d like to submit your rez pup photo just send us an e-mail at [email protected] along with a picture, the dog’s name and age, owner’s name, rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your rez pup Pics!

Four Awesome Urban Pups

Lynda and Wiyot from Trinity Alps California told us at ICTMN, that their dogs, “Don't live on the rez but just cause we're urban they shouldn't get left out!” Sounds good to us Lynda! So without further ado here are four awesome “urban rez” pups that go by the awesome names of Mr. Pugsley (an American Bulldog/Pit), Tuff-Enuf Mugwump (Yellow Cur/Treeing Walker Hound/Pit), Hurricane Cali (AmStaff) and Tyson (Bulldog/Pit/Staffordshire Bull Terrier).

Their other pup, Minnie Mouse (a Sheltie/Devil) is a bit camera shy and though she is not pictured, is no less part of the family.

Fluffy and Sandy-cheeks (Gone Too Soon)

Melody Bidtah of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe in Washington State, tells a sad tale of two beautiful rez pups who walked on too soon.

“My son’s dogs, Fluffy (black) the mom and daughter Sandy-cheeks (brown), they've gone on to a better place in less than 6 months last year. Fluffy was 12 and old age finally caught up with her, Sandy-cheeks fought off coyotes, but she was far too injured. We miss them so very much.  They were our friends, our protectors, our furry kids, the ones our kids grew up with as they followed them on quads, bicycles, to the bus stop. Best rez girls ever!” Sound like sweet Rez pups Melody, prayers to you!


Yutah – the Wolf Ambassador

Yutah, the mid-content Wolamute – though she does not live on the Rez, hails near the Colville Rez and has several indigenous friends and fellow wolf-dogs as buddies. Dixie Dringman of Rock Island, Washington says Yutah is not only a wolf ambassador, “She is my hiking and travel companion.”


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