Gavin Heffernan/Vimeo
Giant trees on this Sequoia National Forest ridgeline are dwarfed by the majestic Milky Way arcing above it.

Video: Never-Before-Seen Time Lapse Enchantment in Sequoia National Park Will Leave You Breathless


The time-lapse fairy has visited once again, this time channeled by photographer and filmmaker Gavin Heffernan, who visited King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Park, neither of which had been filmed in this way before.

“I found numerous daytime landscape photos of its stunning vistas, but very little night astrophotography,” Heffernan wrote on his Vimeo page when posting it on August 4. “With the giant sequoia trees and the impossibly steep cliffs of King's Canyon serving as beautiful-yet-formidable ‘obstacles’ to an unobstructed sky, it seemed a worthy challenge to seek out some night skyscapes in the parks, while capturing the verdant beauty of the landscapes by day.”

From the looks of it, he has succeeded in this park that has been called a “rival to Yosemite” by none other than the renowned conservationist, writer and Sierra Club co-founder John Muir.

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Heffernan drove and drove and drove back and forth across the park’s 1,353 square miles and caught, among other wonders, “the biggest meteor strike I've captured on camera (1:41 & 2:26), some epic summertime Milky Way passes, and more wild star trails experimentations,” he wrote.

The sight of the Milky Way as it arcs across the sky above a ridgeline packed with incredibly small-looking trees looking like so much stubble gives one pause, for sure. Feel infinitesimal yet?

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