Ivy Vainio
Elder and traditional dancer Mavis Drift, Bois Forte Ojibwe, is seen here on the mural.

Photo: Elder Mavis Drift Honored on Minnesota Mural


One of the many people who have been painted onto murals wrapping around two exterior walls of the city Department of Utilities Building in Virginia, Minnesota is Mavis Drift.

Drift, Bois Forte Ojibwe, is an elder and traditional dancer, and her likeness appears on the murals with the likes of Keith Secola, Bois Forte Ojibwe, and 1960s Golden Glove boxer Francis “Cedric” Littlewolf, Leech Lake Ojibwe. Many of the mural paintings were based on images taken by Ivy Vainio—see who else  has been featured on the murals by clicking below.

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