Redskins Want Native-Made Redskins Art. No Drunk Artists, Please


Editor's note: The text of the letter to Zuni artists is genuine and does come from the Governor's office of Zuni Pueblo. It can be found at the Zuni Pueblo Facebook page. However, an image of the letter provided to ICTMN included the Redskins logo, thereby implying the Redskins organization had some hand in writing or approving the text. ICTMN has reason to believe that this was not the case. We have edited our story, slightly, to reflect this possibility, and are now including the image of the letter that came directly from the Zuni Facebook page.

On Monday, August 11, representatives of the Washington Redskins will be visiting Zuni Pueblo, but they're not coming to build a skate park or hand out blankets.

They want Native-made artwork and crafts, particularly stuff that promotes the Redskins team brand. A letter bearing the logo of Zuni Pueblo has invited artists to show their wares at the Zuni Tribal Conference room. After providing some details, the letter ends with the instructions "Be respectful when you arrive. Do not smell of alcohol, marijuana, or be under the influence." 

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On Twitter, Last Real Indians gave the following interpretation: "Hey Indians, we want to buy your trinkets esp if they have Redskins logo. but don't show up drunk or high -Dan Snyder"

"'Be respectful when you arrive.' Is there any self-awareness there?" responded another Twitter user.

"We have a very depressed economy and the (tribal) governor wanted to help local Zuni artists," a tribal administrator told USA Today. She added that she believed that, unlike haggling dealers or tourists, the Original Americans Foundation would pay full asking price for the items.

Many Natives are outraged, by both the concept of soliciting art from Natives that bears an anti-Native slur and the letter's patronizing final lines. The USA Today writer cites another irony: The NFL is known for being aggressive about shutting down unlicensed merchandise. Artists who show up on Monday with Redskins-themed work will be hoping the team gives them money; under normal circumstances, they'd receive a cease-and-desist letter from NFL lawyers.

Here's the letter distributed to artists:source:


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Zucchero's picture
Submitted by Zucchero on
This is Amazing! Just when you think they can't possibly get more offensive and negative they do! I'd like to make an "UN-Welcome Mat" or bedpan. HEY!! If smelling like alcohol is disrespectful why do they sell it at the games Dan? I guess the concession $$ is more important than any principals. Sorry but I won't be making you any knick knacks to prove how many NDNs love you, maybe Uncle Ted can supply you with some arrows from WalMart, I heard he has more free time on his hands.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
An sophomore attempt at a SMEAR campaign against (if true), the Organizations visit to Zuni Pueblo. We'll likely know TODAY (Monday) if the Organization visited or has plans to visit Zuni or any other reservation locality. But if radical islamic terrorists can shoot rockets from civilian neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, and cry FOUL!, then a rickety and RAKETY group of racial antagonists and Native Bigots as 'notyourmascot' or other social media can practice deception and make lies, half-truths and cry FOUL! Too bad Zuni Tribal Government has stepped up and clarified use of their logo.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Assuming then the Letterhead is Pueblo of Zuni Government and issued by the Pueblo, then its apparent, the Pueblo (or for that matter all Indian Government Nations) are far more insensitive, and/or intolerant of their own people/citizens. How can a white guy get called out for 'racial' 'discrimination' 'insensitive' while a Indian Gubermit Office can be lead to be slid by or given the indian or rez nod of the head?

chahta ohoyo's picture
chahta ohoyo
Submitted by chahta ohoyo on
i would live under an umbrella and eat dirt before I would lower myself eno ugh to even consider making one damn item that had a 'redskins' logo on this for real....O M G

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
To tmsyr11: So, you're comparing Native Americans with Palestinian terrorists? You're obviously conservative, aren't you? Otherwise you'd see the obvious parallel between the Palestinians and Native Americans. We've BOTH had our land taken away by an aggressive and militarily superior country, and left to wallow in poverty and discrimination. ________________________________ I'm amazed at the amount of time some White people spend justifying or rationalizing their racism.

Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
Submitted by Kenneth Johnson on
The Washington Pro Football team has a long history of Racism which Dan Snyder is evidently proud of the team's history. First pro football team to market itself as racist(fight of old Dixie) making the case that they would lose money if they integrated, being forced to integrate or not have a place to play(sound familiar) and George Preston Marshall the original owner, the person who named the team as a final insult in his last will and testament stating no, no funds to used by his charitable foundation for integration or to support integration. And this carnival show barker did not see "Redskins" as pride but as part of an Cowboys and Indians act for entertainment. When I have explained the history of George Preston Marshall to unaware Native Americans, they whether not they are offended by the name, Redskins, they are offended by Marshall's taking Redskins as his team's name. As for Snyder, it is the same carnival game played out in the 60's and it is not about pride, it is all about the money. -Don't be fooled by the shell game....

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Racial discrimination and insensitivities obviously isn't just limited to the white man! The example of an elected Tribal Government Office (Zuni) and their printed statement to their own Zuni tribal members of not showing up drunk or smelling of beer or pot and is plain and explicit for everyone to witness. Yet, the prophets of racial isolationism and bigotary turn right around and harass and accuss the Washington Redskin organization of racial disharmony and insensitivity. "No Drunk Artists Please".