10 ‘I’m so Redskins’ Tweets that Explain Why RedskinsFacts.com Is so Wrong


RedskinsFacts.com is the website that Dan Snyder set up to inform people about the “honor,  unity and respect” behind the team’s name.

As The Washington Post pointed out in the article “Fact checking the new website, ‘RedskinsFacts.com,’” some of the facts on the website appear to be misleading.

For example, Glenn Kessler, who wrote the article, debunks this fact that appeared on the website:

“On the inaugural Redskins team in 1933, four players and then-head coach William Henry ‘Lone Star’ Dietz identified themselves as Native Americans.”

He clarifies by explaining a key fact that is left out:

The other problem with Dietz is that, it turns out, he was likely an imposter—who even went to prison for trying to dodge military service by falsely registering as an Indian.  So the Web site neatly sidesteps that messy problem by simply saying that he “identified” himself as a Native American.

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Several tweets using the handle @redskinsfacts voiced their disapproval of the website by asking other users to complete this sentence: “I’m so Redskin…”

Here are 10 'I'm so Redskins' tweets (and one other) that explain why RedskinsFacts.com has got it all wrong.




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