Rez Pup Sunday 8-10-14: 10 Pups That are Family From Indian Country

Vincent Schilling

With five weeks in and the momentum continuing with your wonderful submissions we can officially dub Sundays as Rez Pup Sundays.

Continue sending us your pups and their stories through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you’d like to submit your rez pup photo just send us an e-mail at [email protected] along with a picture, the dog’s name and age, owner’s name, rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your rez pup pics!

Remy and Bella

Eric Doxtator on the Oneida Rez near Green Bay, Wisconsin told us at ICTMN that his young rez pup Remy is a lucky Beagle/Fox Terrier mix rescued from the Humane Society.

Their other pup, Bella, is a noble German Shepherd/Husky mix that in rez fashion is the cuzzin’ of Remy – looks like a cool rez pup family to us!

Rags and Nuhnupuch, aka Nunie

Brittney Mitchell from Fort Duchesne, Utah sent us these two cool rez pups who are surely the rez pup pride of Fort “D.” To comment about these cool pups, we just have to say, we love how Rags is happy and cheesy mugging for the camera while Nunie is looking more than dapper with that freshly groomed hair and blue ribbon…you both have got serious style!


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