Sacramento Knoxx Drops Indigenous Rhymes for Palestine [Video]


On the just-released track "The Trees Will Grow Again," Sacramento Knoxx, an Ojibwe/Anishinaabe and Xicano MC based in Detroit, addresses the Arab-Israeli conflict in Gaza from his own Native persepctive. In a recent post at Bonus Cut, Knoxx connected the dots as he sees them: 

As we continue to unplug people from the matrix with our actions, education, and art, we have to look at the larger picture, and make these connections of our tax dollars that are being used to maximize profits of the oil companies through military weapons, ammunition, equipment, and stores that help with the genocide of Palestinians as Israel is the foot soldier for U.S. Imperialism. Colonization always involves the violent taking of land and the extraction of natural resources, which is the current port area in the Mediterranean Sea next to Palestine with the Zionist occupation. That in turn is connected with private prisons, the criminalization of black & brown communities from the “war on drugs,” dehumanizing Arabs as terrorists with the “war on terrorism,” using “border security” to increase the dehumanizing process and repressive control of “undocumented” peoples in their indigenous home of occupied Turtle Island, and the violent process of gentrification happening in our current communities.

This track can be purchased at; to learn more about Sacramento Knoxx, visit his official site

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