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Ty Thompson becomes Epoch Lacrosse's first endorsed athlete

Ty Thompson Is First Athlete to be Endorsed by Major Lacrosse Company


Minneapolis, MN – August 12, 2014 -- Two-time Division I All-American and Rochester Rattler rookie Ty Thompson has signed an agreement with Epoch Lacrosse making him the company’s first endorsed athlete. The pride of the Mohawk Nation, and the fourth all-time leading scorer at the University at Albany, will be representing Epoch Lacrosse at camps/clinics nationwide and providing Epoch’s engineers with real world feedback in the development of future products.    

Thompson uses Epoch’s Dragonfly Gen.5 C30 iQ5 shaft with a Thompson i6 head tied up with Epoch’s Otter Mesh. “The first time I picked up one of Epoch’s shafts I was blown away by how perfect it felt,” Thompson said in a news release.

“Plus, Otter Mesh is one of the lightest, easiest to string and most durable pieces of mesh out there.” 

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He went on to say, “When it came time to decide which company I wanted to work with it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. James and everyone at Epoch treated me like family. I am really looking forward to working with Epoch and Thompson Lacrosse to not only create the most advanced lacrosse equipment on the market, but products that honor the game of lacrosse and its heritage.”

Thompson finished his career at the University at Albany with 154 goals and will go down in history as one of the most creative scorers in Division I history.

He was acquired 28th overall in the 2014 MLL collegiate draft by the Rochester Rattlers and will also be playing for Team Adrenaline Lacrosse in the LXM Pro Tour this fall with Epoch equipment.  

“Ty and his family’s heritage bring an authenticity to the game that other athletes can’t provide,” said Ryan Hurley, National Sales Representative at Epoch Lacrosse. “We are really looking forward to having Ty’s input into the development of our products and working with him to help grow the game of lacrosse."

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