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Pow Wow Weekend Planner August 15-17


Ready to get your powwow on this weekend?

ICTMN has put together a great list of pow wows happening all across the nation this weekend.

If one of these exciting events is located near you, head over to experience the drumming, dancing, and the delicious and authentic foods.

If you don’t see a pow wow near you, take a look at ICTMN’s pow wow listings for additional events.


39th Annual Wichita Tribal Dance

When & Where:  August 14-17; Anadarko, Kansas

For more information, go to:


Turs Around Powwow

When & Where: August 15-17; Poplar, Montana

For more information, call: Ronalee Carpentier (406) 768-7986


20th Annual Mawiomi of Tribes Pow Wow

When & Where: August 15-17; Caribou, Maine

For more information, go to:


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