An image from Tami's video.

Reader Video: Searching for and Understanding Twulshootseed


In 2009, Tami Hohn created this short video for a college class. It explores her relationship with her language, Twulshootseed, the language of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

“I wasn’t taught the language of my ancestors, I was educated in the public school system where people thought I was Asian or just whatever,” she says in the video.

“As I reached the age of 25 I came across a bit of Twulshootseed. I immediately connected to it as if it were my old great grandmother, but as I took a good look at it my heart sank—it was lying there, wounded, bleeding, in pain,” she says.

“I am constantly on a mission, a mission to revive it… I am not the only one who sees Twulshootseed in the Intensive Care Unit, others do too,” Hohn says in the video. “Many people want to see Twulshootseed recover, but not everyone can make it happen.”

Hohn is right, she isn’t alone, the Puyallup Language Program was created to revitalize the language. The website features a blog with videos entirely in Twulshootseed.

Watch Hohn's video here.

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