What Are the Common Issues Among Indigenous Peoples?


On Friday, CCTV News directed a conversation about indigenous peoples’ concerns in an effort to dispel myths about Native cultures around the world, as well as find out what the important issue are in Indian Country.

ICTMN contributor Simon Moya-Smith talked about the misconceptions of Native people mentioning that they are often marginalized as mascots and subject to cultural appropriation.

Toward the end of the broadcast, the host of The Heat, Anand Naidoo, asked how the word Redskins effects indigenous peoples.

“It’s harmful, even if it’s your tradition, your tradition has repercussions,” Simon Moya-Smith told CCTV News about how Native people view the word Redskins.

Dispelling the myths about native and indigenous peoples also drew out a conversation about politics and education.

“Politically speaking, it’s really hard to be Native American and not be political,” Moya-Smith said. “We’re not always welcome in the political arena because we rage against things like the Keystone XL Pipeline.”

Watch a portion of the broadcast below.



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