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Lakers's president Jeanie Buss

President of Lakers Won’t Draft Redskins Players For Fantasy Football Team


It’s Fantasy Football time, which means that drafting the NFL’s best players, like Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson or Alfred Morris to your squad is a win-win.

But the Lakers President, Jeanie Buss, who recently created her fantasy team, says she’s not taking any Redskins players.

Buss’s silent protest appears to signal her disapproval of the team’s name, which was rejected by the Trademark and Patent Office as an offensive racial slur in June.

This is not the first time Buss has voiced her disapproval of a professional sports franchise.

When Donald Sterling, the L.A. Clippers’ former owner, who is being countersued by the NBA, was banned for life from the NBA after his racist rant, Buss released this statement on

“In my statement yesterday, I said I had full confidence in Adam Silver and how he and the NBA would handle this situation. In today’s announcement Adam was decisive, firm and compelling and showed great leadership in his condemnation of the horrible and offensive comments that have led to this action.”

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Last year, Buss’s fiancé, Knicks president Phil Jackson, also said via Twitter that the name should be changed. “For the past decade my alma mater has dithered about their mascot name: The Fighting Sioux. I gave a talk some 5 yr ago when honored with a PhD of Phil-osophy about “change.” How each generation has to embrace change…. The use of the name #Redskins is highly offensive. It is time to find a new name. I suggest the name Whigs.”


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chrisban35's picture
Submitted by chrisban35 on
Another "white" person who is offended by a name that she doesn't have to wear. When does our world stop playing the political SPIN of garbage like this, and get down to REALLY caring about matters that TRULY offend us? Where's the SAME level of concern for our: education, progressive growth in society and jobs? If you want to dip yourself into the "toxic Koolaid" that makes up this ridiculous argument, then by all means, do so... Just remember, while you're arguing about something that gains political favor for someone NOT NDN, you are taking your eye off the REAL ball which is getting things we genuinely NEED. Let's not be fools like these other silly American political correctness hounds and get involved in SPIN politics which will FOREVER exist. save your moment for the stuff that REALLY effects our people...