Rez Pup Sunday: 7 Pups, 2 Turkeys & a Peacock Getting Rez Love

Vincent Schilling

Rez Pup Sundays is back with a twist. Reader submissions this week included two turkeys and a peacock, because why shouldn’t they get love too.

If you’d like to submit your rez pup photo just send us an e-mail at [email protected] along with a picture, the dog’s name and age, owner’s name, rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your rez pup pics!

Snow Lovin’ Lil Bear

Alice Cervantes, who lives in Akron Michigan, tells us at ICTMN that Lil Bear’s mother was from the Sioux Rez in South Dakota. Since Lil Bear was 4 weeks old, this son of a Rez pup has been part of the Servantes family for more than 10 years.

According to Alice, “He does a great job herding and protecting our chickens and turkeys, but also did a great job locating a new lost puppy that got loose during a bad storm. He loves being outside and we have a hard time getting him to come in during the winter, since he loves the snow.” Only 4 months until Xmas Lil Bear!


Chip is a 4-year-old Brussels Griffin/Poodle on the Oneida Reservation in Wisconsin owned by Rochelle A. Powless. Rochelle tells us that her granddaughter Sequoia brought him home after her beloved rez pup of 17 years Tre, a beautiful yellow setter, had died.

According to Rochelle, she told her granddaughter, ‘I didn't want any more dogs. I'm allergic to them.’ To which her granddaughter responded, ‘He has no allergic fur.’ The rest is history.

Seems like Sequoia and Chip had it planned the whole time Rochelle. Besides, who could resist that little fuzzy face?


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