Courtesy of the Moore Family
Maria 'Little Sioux' Moore, Spirit Two Lake Sioux Tribe, won her second Ringside World Tournament

12-year-old Maria ‘Little Sioux’ Moore Wins Second Ringside World Championship

Genesis Tuyuc

Last year, 11-year-old boxer Maria Moore, Spirit Two Lake Sioux Tribe, won her first Ringside World Tournament. Now, a year later, Maria has won her second tournament.

The tournament was held on July 28-August 2 in Kansas City, Missouri, where she faced talented boxers from all over the country. “Her training is not easy, but she knows she has to work and be willing to sacrifice to be a champion,” Maria’s mother Cynthia Moore told ICTMN. “Maria has the ‘heart of a champion’ and fights to win.” she beamed.

This time around, Maria trained twice a day for four weeks before the tournament, and she listened to some of her favorite tunes – “Can't be Touched" by Roy Jones Jr. and "Lose Yourself" by Eminem – to help her get ready for the championships.

“This is going to pay off” is Maria’s mantra. And in this championship bout, it did.

Maria remained confident in herself and before every fight, she kneeled for prayer to give thanks for all her blessings.

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“Our Lakota culture is important in our lives. Our children are taught the Lakota values we have learned that focuses on fortitude, bravery, and humbleness,” Cynthia said.

Maria competed in the Girls’ Bantam Open, 81-85 lbs division, where she faced 12-year-old Candace Badillo, of Mesquite, Texas. She won that match in a split decision; she then defeated 12-year old Reina Tellez, of Fellsmere, Florida to win the title. Her overall record moved to 15-1.

When asked how she felt after the judges announced her win, Maria said, “It felt amazing! I wanted to celebrate, relax, and thank God.”

Once Maria saw the doctor after the fight, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, mother and daughter were able to embrace and enjoy the moment together.  

Maria tells other girls that they should not be too intimidated to try boxing, “Don’t be scared, you have to be brave!” 

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