Randy Halverson/Vimeo
Still from the video Huelux, so named by author Randy Halverson by combining the words "hue" and "lux," the Latin word for light.

Video: Enchanting Time-Lapse Shows a South Dakota We Never Imagined


Enchanting is the best way to describe this video, yet another time-lapse endeavor from an avid and patient photographer. This time it’s Randy Halverson, who spent several days between April and November 2013 in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah filming the skies, the landscapes and the intersection of the two.

The result: a mesmerizing and dreamlike sequence of drifting Milky Way, undulating aurora borealis and liquid-gold sunsets and sunrises. The drama of a thunderstorm taking shape and then disappearing after several lightning flashes yields to end credits complete with shots of the Andromeda galaxy, spiced with shooting-star flashes and a satellite pass-by or two.

The shoot was full of surprises for Halverson.

“Some of the Aurora I shot were unexpected with no advanced notice,” he wrote on his vimeo page. “Several nights I was setting up Milky Way shots, when I noticed the glow in the sky to the north.”

Below, the magnificent montage. 

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