Here We Growl Again – It’s Rez Pup Sunday!

Vincent Schilling

It’s rez pup Sunday! And of course ICTMN is happy to serve up some rez pup love. Not only that – August 26th was National Dog Day! It’s been a big week for our furry rez pup buddies!

If you’d like to submit your rez pup photo just send us an e-mail at [email protected] along with a picture, the dog’s name and age, owner’s name, rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your rez pup pics!

Dancer and Princess

Bobbie LadyHawk Figueroa from the Round Valley Reservation in Covelo California sent us this cool pic of Dancer the 2 ½ year old mix pup. Bobbie says her little Dancer is a territorial little thing and “has found her voice in life, and uses it a lot, especially if one of the other dogs have something she wants!”

Princess the Chihuahua, is an 8 year old rescue that was left outside one winter to fend for herself, and Bobbie scooped her up – Bobbie says Princess is fearless!

Mean Muggin Midnite

Shanai Gomez from the Rincon Indian Reservation in Southern California sent us this cool mean muggin rez pup selfie of Midnite a gorgeous Blue Nose Pitt and Akita mix. Midnite is sure lookin stylish riding shotgun!


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