Watch: Dan Snyder’s Answer to ‘What is a Redskin?’


During an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Dan Snyder and his wife Tanya, sat down to answer questions about his team’s controversial name.

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Snyder religiously defended the team’s name saying that the name is not disparaging to Native Americans; but that it tis a term of endearment.

"It's just historical truths, and I'd like them to understand, as I think most do, that the name really means honor, respect," Snyder told ESPN's John Barr.

At one point in the interview, Snyder was asked by Barr ‘What is a Redskin’?

Listen to his response.

Watch more of the interview on ESPN.

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RobynL's picture
Submitted by RobynL on
My God, this guy couldn't be more obtuse. What a completely ridiculous diversionary attempt from history.

donrockero's picture
Submitted by donrockero on
Snyder is ignorant, maybe he should change the name to Whiteskins to honor the Americans.

tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
the horror, the horror….yellow meat journalism brought on - on behalf of ICTMN Staff. It should be obvious, he is talking about FOOTBALL whereas ESPN threw the term "redskin" to see what would be responded to. I don't blame ICTMN for not acknowledging a title or name of the writer. BTW, the Red Mesa Redskins, Arizona will be playing Monument Valley in Kayenta, AZ this Friday, Sept 5th and will be in Red Mesa, AZ playing hte Ganado Hornets on Sept 12th. "hail the Redskins".