Bunky Echo-Hawk Says 'Honor YOU' to Racist Sports Mascots


Pawnee artist Bunky Echo-Hawk created an “Honor YOU” painting to share his frustration with racist sports mascots. In the painting above, he takes aim at the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo.

Echo-Hawk also painted a second potrait that features the Redskins. The painting, called "NotYourMascot," was painted with Acrylic on archival paper and shows a Native American man with both of his middle fingers up. Chief Wahoo and the Washington football team's logos are on his left and right hand, respectively. 

"#NotYourMascot"; acrylic on archival paper 15" x 11". (Echo-Hawk's Facebook)

Echo-Hawk shared the "Honor YOU" photo on Facebook on September 2, including hashtags #apagefrommysketchbook and #notyourmascot.

The artwork was painted on a “15 x 11” mixed media paper.

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To learn more about Bunky, visit his website at BunkyEchoHawk.com.

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