Duke University
New students move in to Duke University on August 19.

Duke Welcomes a Record Number of Minority Students, Natives Included


The newest batch of Duke University students stepped onto campus in Durham, North Carolina Tuesday, August 19, and it includes a record number of minority students.

According to Duke Today, half of the incoming class are students of color, including 495 Asian students, 159 Latino students, 185 African American students, and 19 Native American and Native Hawaiian students. There are also 224 students from other countries that make up 13 percent of the class.

“My colleagues in the admissions office share my excitement about the Class of 2018,” Christoph Guttentag, dean of undergraduate admissions,” told Duke Today. “Their applications reveal how talented they are, but we also learned just how engaged they are in their communities and how enthusiastic they are about Duke. There’s no doubt they’ll be a wonderful presence in the Duke community.”

“We are thrilled to welcome a new group of more than 1,700 students to Duke,” Jordan Hale, assistant dean of students and director of new student programs, told Duke Today. “We want to set a welcoming tone to their new academic, social and educational communities. We have an informative, intellectual program to help students make an effective transition to college.”

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