Winners of Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Wacipi Pow Wow Announced


SHAKOPEE, Minn. –The annual Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) Wacipi featured nine winners from Minnesota. More than 800 registered dancers of all ages from the United States and Canada participated in more than 30 dance categories at the Wacipi (Pow Wow) which was held on August 15-17 at the Wacipi Grounds on the SMSC Reservation.

A social gathering where friends and relatives celebrate the Dakota culture and way of life, the Dakota word, “Wacipi” (pronounced “wah-chee-pee”) translates to "they dance." 

Following are the results of this year’s Wacipi; view here for a full description of the individual dance contests.

Jr. Girl’s Traditional (ages 6-12)

1st: Victory Randell - Sacramento, CA
2nd: Sparrow Little Sky – Kyle, SD
3rd: Nichole Nordwall – Fallon, NV
4th: Elizah Leonard – Baraboo, WI
5th: Neena Lasley – Tama, IA

Jr. Girl’s Jingle (ages 6-12)

1st: Yanabah Whitehorse – Standing Buffalo, SK
2nd: Coral Benton – Hayward, WI
3rd: Haley Bearstail – Newtown, ND
4th: Auralena Cardinal – Saddle Lake, AB
5th: Neeta Kills Spotted – Box Elder, SD

Jr. Girl’s Fancy (ages 6-12)

1st: Micayla Silas – Oneida, WI
2nd: Lara Pansy Lasley – Montour, IA
3rd: Wah-pos Topsky – Rocky Boy, MT
4th: Wakinyela Clairmont – Lakewood, CO
5th: Maliah Jacobs – Oneida, WI

Jr. Boy’s Traditional (ages 6-12)

1st: Elijah Bear Leonard – Baraboo, WI
2nd: Terry Brown Otter – Fort Yates, ND
3rd: Lincoln Kingbird – Wahpeton, ND
4th: Edward Benton – Hayward, WI
5th: Leodyn Kingbird – Ponemah, WI

Jr. Boy’s Grass (ages 6-12)

1st: Chaske Jacobs – Oneida, WI
2nd: Bodie Nordwall – Fallon, NV
3rd: Peyton White Buffalo – Newtown, ND
4th: Mu-Jutheen Roberts – Atwood, OK
5th: Colter Cook – Ft. Berthold, ND

Jr. Boy’s Fancy (ages 6-12)

1st: Wayne Silas, III – Oneida, WI
2nd: Tyler Thurman – Shawnee, OK
3rd: David Cleveland – Lyndon Station, WI
4th: Buster Cleveland – Lyndon Station, WI
5th: Jaymison Hill – Tama, IA

Teen Girl’s Traditional (ages 13-17)

1st: Wamblie Little Sky – Kyle, SD
2nd: Aerius Benton – Hayward, WI
3rd: Jayla Iron – Ft. Collins, CO
4th: Taylor Clairmont – St. Paul, MN
5th: Astiw Roan – Pigeon Lake, AB

Teen Girl’s Jingle (ages 13-17)

1st: Kia McCloud – Harrah, WA
2nd: Shaydee Pretends Eagle – Bismarck, ND
3rd: Lilia Kingbird – Wahpeton, ND
4th: Maya Schuyler – Mt. Pleasant, MI
5th: Waskwane Stonefish – Peshawbestown, MI

Teen Girl’s Fancy Shawl (ages 13-17)

1st: Beedoskah Stonefish – Peshawbestown, MI
2nd: Oke-tw’sha Roberts – Atwood, OK
3rd: Morning Star Roberts – Ada, OK
4th: Eahtosh Bird – Sioux Falls, SD
5th: Jaydean Randall

Teen Boy’s Traditional (ages 13-17)

1st: Talon White Eye – Sarnia, ON
2nd: Lakota Little Sky – Kyle, SD
3rd: Teddy Yuzicappi – Standing Buffalo, SK
4th: Donovan Haury – Apache, OK
5th: Triston Lasley – Tama, IA

Teen Boy’s Grass (ages 13-17)

1st: Therien Paskemin – Sweetgrass, SK
2nd: Jai Knight – Thunder Valley, SD
3rd: Jakobi Omeasoo – Maswacis, AB
4th: Saunders Young Bird – Fort Yates, ND
5th: CJ Lasley – Dearborn Heights, MI

Teen Boy’s Fancy (ages 13-17)

1st: Koy Bearstail – Sioux Falls, SD
2nd: Sonny Means – Eagle Butte, SD
3rd: Delano Cleveland – Lyndon Station, WI
4th: Quentin Cleveland – Eau Claire, WI
5th: Parker Bearstail – Bismarck, ND

Women’s Golden Age Traditional/So. Buckskin/Cloth (ages 55+)

1st: Diane Goodwill-McKay – Ft. Quappelle, SK
2nd: Carmen Clairmont – Lakewood, CO
3rd: Madelynn Goodwill – Sioux Falls, SD
4th: Vera Kingbird -Bemidji, MN
5th: Chickie Whitewater

Women’s Golden Age Fancy/Jingle (ages 55+)

1st: Dianne Desrosiers – Browns Valley, MN
2nd: Patricia Eagleman – Black River Falls, WI
3rd: Brenda Davis - Manitoba
4th: Annamae Pushetonequa – Montour, IA
5th: Lillian Goodeagle – Flandreau, SD

Men’s Golden Age Traditional/So. Straight (ages 55+)

1st: Terry Fiddler – Swift Bird, SD
2nd: Ronnie Goodeagle, Sr.  – Flandreau, SD
3rd: Mark Roanhorse – Phoenix, AZ
4th: Gary Richards – Allen, SD
5th: Clayton Sandy – Winnipeg, MB

Men’s Golden Age Fancy/Grass (ages 55+)

1st: Wayne Pushetonequa – Montour, IA
2nd: Albert King, Sr. – Oneida, WI
3rd: Gary Medicine – Manitou Rapids, ONT
4th: Johnny Smith – Minneapolis, MN
5th: Farley Eagle Speaker – London, ONT


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