Video: Unsettling Look Into Trafficking of Native Women and Girls


They jingle dance, gaze innocently into the camera and then … the hushed whispering starts.

“Whatever happened to Margaret? We haven't seen her in a while.”

"We heard she was taken on the boats. We haven't heard from her."

The video below spells out, with the help of police detectives, an advocate or two and some former child prostitutes, how a girl ends up in the sex trade. A girl who feels unloved and lives in poverty can be made to do “almost anything” for that “special feeling,” one detective says,

"It's a lot greater than people realize."

“I look at it basically as kidnapping,” says another who is working to keep these girls safe. But it’s hard when you’ve got girls working boats on the Great Lakes, having literally being sold to the crew. People will drive half an hour, an hour, to buy young Native girls to serve their fetishes.

"People don't see Native American women and girls as human,” says one advocate. “They see them as punching bags. Or something novel, like … a new toy…. After a while, you throw it away.”

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Submitted by andre on
Sad commentary on the exploitation of the less fortunate that is seen in 'every' border town from reservations.