Watch! Team USA Baffled by New Zealand's Haka Warrior Dance at FIBA World Cup


At the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain on September 2, Team USA was greeted by the New Zealand team with a traditional Maori Haka warrior dance.

The dance can be performed to honor an opponent or intimidate one.

The New Zealand team, knows as the Tall Blacks, stared down the USA players and used powerful moves like chest bumping and loud roars to intimidate them. But Team USA appeared to be more baffled than intimidated. At the end of the dance, which was performed in center court, the USA players applauded.

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Team USA beat New Zealand, 98-71.

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I'm glad the U.S. team at least applauded. They could have done any number of "wrong" things.