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5 ‘Native American’ Quizzes With No Basis in Reality


The quiz craze has caught social media by storm with quizzes like “What State Should You Live In?” and “What’s Your Mental Age?”

But lately, quizzes themed around this country’s first peoples have started popping up. These quizzes have no basis in reality, and add to the many misconceptions about Native Americans that mainstream America already has. Here are five we found:

What Is Your Native American Name?

This quiz from has quiz takers answer basic questions, like are you a girl or a boy? And what would you do if you saw a fight happening? It comes complete with racist and stereotypical caricatures and images of Native Americans.

Apparently, a quiz taker who enjoys hiking, is a leader and would try to resolve conflicts, their name would be “Takoda,” which according to Playbuzz translates to “friend to everyone.”

A post to says “Takoda” is a Lakota Sioux name, but is it really? points out that names that are touted as Native American rarely are, and almost never have the meaning websites say.

“I found that there are dozens of ‘American Indian baby name list’ sites on the Internet repeating the same list of 50-70 supposedly Native American girls and boys names... of which very few are genuine,” says the Native-Languages site. “No, Chenoa does not mean ‘white dove’ in Cherokee, and Aiyana does not mean ‘blossom’ or ‘eternal bloom.’ Kaya does not mean ‘little sister’ in Hopi. Nadie does not mean ‘wise’ in Algonquin. These and many other translations are flatly false and we have no idea where they came from.”

What Native American Animal Are You?

This quiz from aims to determine which Native animal you are. One of the questions asks quiz taker’s favorite aspect of the sky: the moon, the sun, the stars, or the clouds. It also asks quiz takers to choose a sound between crickets, falling pebbles, rumble of thunder, whisper of trees, or howling wind. And according to this quiz, what you notice first about the opposite sex has some bearing on which animal you’ll get.

The quiz is even full of romanticized images, like the one below. Quiz results can include the bear, eagle, deer, stallion, and wolf.

A screen grab of one of the questions from

What Totem Animal Are You?

Another similar quiz to the animal one above, this one, also from aims to determine what totem animal quiz takers are. Apparently the quiz makers can determine this by knowing things like favorite season and subject in school, and even political views. Even the introduction to the quiz asks “Do you have Native American roots? Take this quiz to find your Native American totem animal!” The animal totem results can be an eagle, wolf, bear or deer.


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Juliet's picture
Submitted by Juliet on
I've taken some of these 'tests' (but none concerning Native Americans), and I always run into questions without appropriate answers (for me). They're fun, but bogus. These 'tests' about 'Native American [whatever]' are insulting.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Wow! Cool! By taking these tests, I've found out: 1. My "Indian" name is Two-Dogs-Fu*king 2. My tribe is the Shapiro-Hos (one of the lost tribes of Israel) 3. My animal is the spider 4. My totem animal is the coyote 5. My answer to: "What is the best way to get food?" Go to the supermarket with money, and 6. My option to: "The White Men arrive," is remind them how vehement they are about illegal immigration and have them apply the appropriate guilt to themselves.