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7 Best Experiences in Indian Country That USA Today Missed

Simon Moya-Smith

USA Today asked its readers to vote for the best Native American experiences. Options included the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco; the National Museum of the American Indian in New York or D.C., and a laundry list of others. And although these are good options, we at ICTMN want to offer you some less-known alternatives that are equally worth your time. Try these seven on for size.

1. The Pow Wow Trail

Let's pretend you live in ... L.A. Just do a quick Google search of 'pow wow Southern California' and see what pops up. If luck be on your side, a pow wow will be slated for the weekend. OK, now: keep searching for pow wows. Make a list of the ones you find. Maybe there's one in two weeks in Phoenix. There you go; you've got one in L.A., one in Phoenix - all the makings for a fantastic pow wow trail. Call some buds. Load up the car with food and water and snacks and good music. It's preferable if you have at least one person in the car who's geared to dance. Still, if you know anyone who's a dancer and if you've never been to a pow wow, call them up. Tell them you want to go on the trail with them. It's a helluva a time. One for the books. 

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2. Tocabe Native American Eatery

If you're in Denver, and if you've never had fry bread, Tocabe is a fine joint to rip through some deep fried dough. It's also a hub for Native American events in the Mile High City. Also, Tocabe provides fry bread at the annual Denver March Pow Wow. Sometimes the line will stretch to the door, but it's worth the wait. Get it with powdered sugar and honey and enjoy what is a considered a time-honored Native American dessert.

3. The 49

After you've had your fill of fry bread, dancing, drumming, jewelry, chasing your kids around the pow wow arena, whatever, it's time for the 49 - the after party. But it's not always made public where the 49 will be. You've got to keep your ears to the ground. It might be at an events center, a performance theatre, even at someone's house, but this is where you'll find folks with their hair down, reconnecting, meeting new people and maybe even out to do a little snagging (that is, finding a date).


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