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Tagaq's 'Animism' competed against albums by Drake and Arcade fire -- and won.

Inuk Throat Singer Tanya Tagaq Wins Major Music Award, Says 'F**k PETA'


Tanya Tagaq has won the Polaris Prize, an award given annually to the best album by a Canadian artist, based on polling of Canadian music critics. The prize comes with $30,000 in cash.

Tagaq's album, Animism, bested releases by such well-known artists as Drake, Arcade Fire, Mac DeMarco, and Owen Pallett. The last three winners of the Polaris Prize were Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Arcade Fire, and Feist.

In her acceptance speech, Tagaq paused to address the issue of seal as an eternal Indigenous resource, and took a shot at those who criticize seal hunting in Canada: "On a quick side note, people should wear and eat seal as much as possible, because if you imagine an indigenous culture thriving and surviving on a sustainable resource, wearing seal and eating it... It's delicious and there's lots of them and fuck PETA." She then held up a sealskin wristband to moderate applause.


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Backstage, Tagaq continued to speak from the heart. "Humans, we're having a hard time, we're all pretending we're not," she said, according to Huffington Post Canada. "I get sick of living in that world, where we're supposed to pretend. I just want to take that out and shake it. We can be honest with each other, we can be real with each other."

She added that the cash prize would benefit those she cares about: "I'm gonna take care of my family. I'm gonna give my girls a nice education. Money just trickles away really quickly anyway. I'm not going to donate it to a special cause, I'm going to donate it to my cause," she said.

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Submitted by alexjacobs on
At almost every event in Santa Fe and where-ever he could get too, Indian Market, Pow Wows, especially where the general public would come to NDN events, this NDN man would come and set up his table and hand out literature, he had his banner and slowly, surely work against Greenpeace and Peta and others who lobbied against Native cultures...

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Submitted by cowgalhuny on
good for you! Too many who know nothing try to conform and dictate to people and ways they know nothing about!

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
While I support the efforts of PETA on many fronts, I do NOT appreciate being categorized with rich, White men who "hunt" for trophies, or people who abuse animals for fun and profit. There is a VAST difference between Natives who live close to nature and respect all life and hunt for FOOD and the rich trophy hunter who lines the walls of his parlor with the heads of animals he killed and discarded (saving only the head to show what an dangerous outdoorsman he is)

Da Pitchii
Da Pitchii
Submitted by Da Pitchii on
now of what has happened we should not share our spiritual practices... i love what she shared however its not for other cultures .. they have their own ways and beliefs...