CEO Cartman says that "pissing on public opinion is what the Washington Redskins are all about!"

The 11 Best Moments From South Park's Anti-Redskins Season Premiere


In last night's season premiere, the long-running animated series South Park took aim at the Washington Redskins and team owner Dan Snyder, and as always the show's satire was hilariously tasteless. The episode, entitled "Go Fund Yourself," also skewered online crowdfunding, and aired on Comedy Central.

The point of departure was the decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office not to grant the team's name and imagery protection under copyright law, on the grounds that they are disparaging to Native Americans. (The franchise is appealing the ruling.)

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Eternal troublemaker Cartman leads the formation of a company with the express purpose of collecting funds through Kickstarter and otherwise doing absolutely nothing. After failing to come up with anything that isn't already copyrighted, the boys call their business The Washington Redskins, seeing as the name is not protected by law. Absurd scenes and highly ironic lines ensue, these are the 11 moments we found most LOL-worthy:

1. Redskins owner Dan Snyder tells the boys that their use of the team's name "is offensive to us," then asks, "Won't you just [change the name] out of decency?"

2. The company's official greeting when called on the phone: "Washington Redskins, go fuck yourself."

3. Cartman: "Digging in our heels and pissing on public opinion is what the Washington Redskins are all about!"

4. Cartman goes on a tirade about the NFL's domestic violence scandals but conflates them with the Catholic Church and pedophilia. When questoned, he replies, "NFL, Catholic Church—it's the same thing!"

5. When Snyder asks NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for help, he gets nonsense non-answers in return. It's revealed that Goodell is a machine, the "Goodell-bot," which is malfunctioning.

6. At a company rally resembling an Apple product launch, Cartman unveils the modified Redskins logo: the well-known Indian head, now sitting atop a crudely-drawn naked body. "This is a bold new way that we can say 'We don't fucking care,'" he says to applause.

7. To a soundtrack of drums and a Native American flute, Snyder and his uniformed players infiltrate the Kickstarter headquarters and, like a sequence from an old-school racist Hollywood flick, murder isolated employees one by one, then massacre the rest, and then burn the place down.

8. After their company reinvents itself as a crowdfunding site, the boys release their new and improved logo, which is more obscene than the first. We're not going to describe it.

9. When Snyder tries to rally his gloomy troops with a stereotypical movie-Indian speech about fighting eagles and bears, one of the players looks down at his jersey and says "yeah, but, I just feel stupid wearing this now."

10. The team decides not to play aganst the rival Dallas Cowboys, but Snyder won't give up. He takes the field and is repeatedly gang-tackled by the other team.

11. After Snyder's pummeling, Muslim terrorist group ISIS decides to stop using the boys' crowdfunding site, on moral grounds.

You can watch the full episode at Comedy Central's website.

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