Zahn McClarnon as Tribal police officer Mathias on the abruptly-canceled series 'Longmire'

Have We Seen the Last of Longmire's Officer Mathias? A Chat With Zahn McClarnon

Vincent Schilling

Zahn McClarnon is a Native actor with an impressive TV and film resume that includes Into the West, Repo Chick, The Red Road, and most recently A&E’s Longmire, on which he has had a recurring role as Tribal police officer Mathias. A few weeks ago, the A&E Network announced the series was canceled, and that the season 3 finale (which had aired August 4) was effectively the series finale.

The show's legions of fans were not pleased, and took to social media to vent their frustration. Viewers started a hashtag campaign, #LongLiveLongmire, on Twitter, and posted complaints about the show's cancellation on A&E's Facebook page. Both efforts continue to this day—A&E's attempts to promote its other shows (particularly reality fare like Wahlburgers, Storage Wars, Epic Ink and Love Prison) on Facebook are still met with nothing but a barrage of withering pro-Longmire protests.

According to, Longmire’s production company Warner Horizon is currently shopping to other networks as the show was A&E’s most-watched original drama series.

McClarnon shared his thoughts on the debacle with ICTMN.

When did you first learn A&E was canceling Longmire?

I've known for about a month. I first discovered it online. I believe it was Deadline Hollywood that released the inside information.

We've learned from previous coverage that the show has a passionate following among ICTMN readers. 

Our fan base is really great. They have been so awesome. They call themselves the Longmire posse. I've had an interview with them they are very supportive, they love the show and they want it to continue. We have had these twitter storms and stampedes with the hashtag #LongLiveLongmire, trying to get it to trend.

But overall the fan base is just awesome, they love the show and they are very supportive. They want to see another network pick up the show, we all do. It's a good show and I don't think it's done yet. It definitely has some legs left; hopefully we will see another network pick it up.

There are some great cast members as well as cameo roles that have been portrayed by native actors such as Graham Greene, Irene Bedard and of course the regular A Martinez. How has it been working with them?

I have worked with them in the past as well—they are good friends of mine. It is nice to have seen Graham again; I hadn't seen him for a few years. Just being around Graham is great. I look up to him. He is a major craftsman. Irene and I have worked together since the 90s—we first did Crazy Horse in 1994. Irene is awesome. 

I really like working on shows that are hiring Native actors. There are not any out there, and Longmire was the exception. 

On A&E's Facebook page and Twitter, the fans are really giving the network hell about the decision. What is your opinion on why they canceled it?

I wish I knew. I don't know the inter-workings of the network but I'm sure it boils down to financials. What I read anyway—just like anybody else reads—A&E wanted to own more of the show, they wanted to make more money and their older demographic was not as desirable to them. They wanted a younger demographic to watch the show.

Like I said I don't really know, there are just multiple layers. I wish I did know.

Where are your sights set now? 

I just got a small part in a movie with Kurt Russell, Matthew Fox and Richard Jenkins called Bone Tomahawk. I'll be going to Oklahoma for a movie called Mekko which is directed by Sterlin Harjo. Rod Rondeaux is a Crow actor playing the lead in Mekko. Then I will be going to South Dakota to shoot a film, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, which is a movie adaptation of the book by Kent Nerburn.  I have a small part. I will also be co-producing.

Afterwards I am coming to Virginia as a Native actor for the American Indian Initiative at Colonial Williamsburg. I look forward to going out there we have a blast. I'll be going back to Los Angeles in November.

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Pediowoman's picture
Submitted by Pediowoman on
Normally I do not watch TV but I have to admit I really enjoyed the series although they didn’t follow the Craig Johnson books they were based on very closley. That being said the Native issues, stories and the beautiful country (New Mexico) made the first two years of Longmire excellent entertainment. The last season was more of a soap opera of sexual tension and personal issues. I hope if the show is renewed or continued on another channel they go back to the Native stories and Reservation issues and less of the who is hot for who garbage. While we wait to see what happens do read the Longmire books they are great!

steven wright's picture
steven wright
Submitted by steven wright on
I am rez ndn ,Me and my family and friends really like Longmire. I hope another network would pick it up.The show is straight to the point and no BS like those stupid reality shows..

andre's picture
Submitted by andre on
Great show. Sad that shows like 'Pawn Stars' and 'Storage Wars' get renewed and a quality show like Longmire does not. It's not too late to get on Facebook and let them know how you feel.