Kirkpatrick Announces $5 Million Transportation Grant For Navajo Nation


The Navajo Nation is set to receive a $5 million grant award from the U.S. Department of Transportation for the investment in a hybrid bus fleet according to U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., on September 18.

Kirkpatrick announced the project had been selected on a competitive basis from the State of Good Repair Program and will aide in the purchase of 10 hybrid buses.

Upon the announcement, Kirkpatrick stated, “This is important progress for the Navajo Nation because modern transportation and infrastructure are key to long-term economic stability. The Dine people will benefit from these efficient, clean transportation choices as they go to school and work. My vision for this district is that of a diversified, stable economy, and the way we get there is by empowering our citizens and communities with the tools to build a stronger future.”

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