A Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit golf cart. Perfect for picking up family, friends and elders on the way to the pow wow arena.

8 Items You Wish You Had for the 2014 Pow Wow Season

Vincent Schilling

Well pow wow season is beginning to wind down and we will soon be entering the sedentary winter months. This pow wow season has certainly been an active season, full of celebration, dancing, drumming and singing.

But considering all of the great times, we think things could have been enhanced just a touch. Now that we have a bit of perspective while looking back at our year, here are 8 items you wish you would have had for the 2014 pow wow season.

A Portable Regalia Cooler-Offer

Now this might seem weird, but Amazon sells a USB/Battery Powered Mini Portable Hand Held Air Conditioner. There is no telling how well this works, but since buckskin is not the coolest material on a 95 degree summer day, this gadget couldn’t hurt.  

The Travelchair Anywhere Chair with Cooler

Cold drinks and sandwiches, AND a place to sit all at the same time?… Yes, we see all of you folks out there with your folding camping chairs, but do they have a cooler connected? We think not! Be the envy of the 2015 pow wow season, and carry one of these.

A Selfie Stick

Picture this (literally). You are all regalia’d out, your makeup and hair is on point, and it is just before the dancing begins. Now, it’s time for a selfie!

But at a pow wow, a lot of your friends probably want to jump in to capture the memories. So, what is the solution? A selfie stick! It’s an arm extender for your selfies. No more strained arms or cut off photos. Check out Looq – they have a great example.  


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