Smithsonian Institution, Katherine Fogden
Men's Traditional Dance, 2005 National Pow Wow

Pow Wow Dance Style Origins: Men's Traditional Dance, Part 5


The Men’s Traditional Dance simulates the warrior preparing for battle. Components of the Men’s Traditional Dance include the Crow Hop and Sneak-Up dances. The Traditional

Dancer carries an eagle feather fan and a staff, and wears a single bustle, arm bands and a roach, as well as bells on his ankles. He will crouch close to the ground and stand up

at different times during the dance. At times during the dance, a drummer uses heavy strokes that suggest the sound of gunfire.

Each tribe has a form of Traditional Dance, but the Lakota Nation is credited with the Traditional Dance and most regions have adapted some form of the Lakota version.

The southern version may incorporate more color and feathers on the regalia.

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