Bacone College
Bacone College students Eric Horsley, left, and Taylor Hosey use the etching press to develop a relief print in Printmaking 1.

Cherokee Artist Donates to Bacone Art Division

Bacone College

Bacone College’s Art Department has gratefully received a special donation from Cherokee artist Sallyann Paschall.

A vintage 30’ x 64’ Whelan Press, estimated to be valued at $3,000, is now located in the art division at William McCombs Hall.

Whelan Press is an etching press system, which implements 21st century design and manufacturing techniques as a means of answering the creative needs and safety concerns of artists and printmaking labs.

The press can produce various pieces such as monotypes, reliefs, etchings, and other large images of print work.

“We are truly blessed to have received such a gift. This addition allows our students to safely utilize modern equipment while also developing new skills in the world of art,” said Bacone College Director of Art Tony Tiger. “We’re glad to see students express themselves creatively through art. We are also developing better methods to help guide students to success.”

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