Attention Native Filmmakers, Artists, Techies: Tribeca Film Institute Wants You

Tribeca Film Institute

The following call for applicants comes to ICTMN from the Tribeca Film Institute:

Tribeca Hacks <NDN Country>
Date: November 21-23
Application Deadline: October 22
Partners: Vision Maker Media, Institute of American Indian Arts
Location: Santa Fe

While American Indian culture is known for its rich oral traditions, indigenous customs and expansive heritage, how can we ensure its preservation in an age of digital transformation?

From November 21 to 23, TFI and Vision Maker Media will invite American Indian filmmakers and visual artists to collaborate with technologists to make interactive stories around indigenous education, art, history and environment.

Designers and technologists as well as American Indian filmmakers and visual artists are invited to apply. Absolutely no prior knowledge in programming or electronics is needed for storytellers. Attendance for the whole Hackathon is mandatory.

Each team, also to include blackboxes and designers, will be invited to select a distinct subject matter pertaining to Indian country and expand it out via interactive installation, live performance, web or tablet-based platforms.

This three-day Hackathon in Santa Fe will continue our tradition of creative hackathons that blend art and technology.

Interested? Apply at

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