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Jay Czar, executive director of MFA, presents Mark Fogarty with MFA’s 2014 Media Partner of the Year award at the 2014 New Mexico Housing Summit.

Longtime ICTMN Contributor, Fogarty Named MFA Media Partner of the Year


Mark Fogarty, editor at large for National Mortgage News and longtime Indian Country Today Media Network contributor, has provided exceptional coverage on a topic that is often overlooked for the past 20 years, thus earning him MFA’s Media Partner of the Year award.

The award was presented to Fogarty at the 2014 New Mexico Housing Summit held in Albuquerque on August 22.

“Mark’s outstanding coverage of the mortgage industry and undeserved communities continues to bring attention on the need for affordable housing opportunities in New Mexico’s tribal lands,” said Jay Czar, executive director for MFA said in a press release in September. “He has extensive knowledge of tribal housing, and his work is an important part of our efforts to provide quality affordable housing opportunities for all New Mexicans.”

His thorough coverage of New Mexico housing has included urban, rural and tribal housing with a special interest in New Mexico Pueblos and tribal housing needs. His coverage has garnered him awards from the American Society of Business Press Editors, the Native American Journalists Association and now an MFA award.

In his 14 years contributing to ICTMN, Fogarty has been a go-to writer for business stories. His knowledge and background has allowed him to cover housing, mortgages and HUD grants, casino, gaming and health issues among others.

Czar, who presented the award to Fogarty, gave an example of his work by reading the opening paragraph of his National Mortgage News story titled, “Where the Buffalo Are Neighbors” to an audience of 500 professionals. The article won second place in this year’s NAJA Associate’s category for Best Feature Story. The story highlighted the Nambe Pueblo’s affordable housing project.

“The person who buys the model home I’m standing on the porch of will have TWO sets of mountains available for viewing. The sun will come up over New Mexico’s Sangre de Christo Mountains and go down over the Jemez Mountains. And if you’ve always wanted to have a buffalo herd as neighbors, you are in exactly the right place.”

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