Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
This transparent-headed food thief trolls the deep but was caught by underwater cameras in a rare sighting.

Video: Transparent-Headed Food Thief Trolls Ocean’s Depths


In our ongoing quest to find ever stranger and stranger-looking sea beasts, we have come upon one that not only has a transparent head, but also steals its food from the last sea creature we highlighted, the siphonophore.

Meet the barreleye fish, whose “transparent dome” of a head is akin to that of the glass canopy-bubble encasing a jet-fighter cockpit, according to the narrator on the video below. Its name is derived from the barrel-shaped eyes that not only peer out from behind that dome but also swivel to look for food, or avoid being prey.

"Scientists speculate that the barrel-eye steals food from siphonophores,” the narrator tells us, by swimming among that animal’s tentacles and snatching any morsels that the jellyfish-like organism has just entrapped—though whether the robbery victim is one or several entities is up for debate.

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Although not as delectable as the massive shrimplike creature yanked up from the depths a few weeks ago, the barreleye is yet another reminder that we humans are simply tiny parts of a huge web of which we know very little.

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The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute filmed this amazing swimmer 2,000 feet blow the ocean and has much more information on our deep-sea friend. 

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