Kirkpatrick announces $2.9 million TIGER grant for Hopi Tribe


The Hopi Tribe received good news for those tribal members who travel the roadways on October 7, as U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., announced a $2.9 million grant to fund a transportation and infrastructure project.

The funding is being fulfilled through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s TIGER VI Discretionary Grants Program and will support the Tawa’ovi Community Streets and Infrastructure Project. This project will develop primary and secondary roadways for the first of six new communities envisioned by the Hopi Tribe – as part of a strategic plan to provide housing, jobs, and services.

“This grant is so important to the Hopi – it will provide an important boost for their efforts to improve the quality of life in their community,” Kirkpatrick, who represents 12 Native American tribes in District One, said. “Transportation and infrastructure are the foundation for economic growth and the key to long-term stability. I look forward to seeing the progress on the Tawa’ovi Community roadways.”

The Tawa’ovi Community will be a sustainable community with a focus on effective transportation systems that could serve as a model for other tribal communities throughout the U.S. The project hopes to boost economic growth through two ways a) helping local communities provide their own goods and services so residents can spend less time on the road and reduce the expense of repairs or risk of accidents, and b) allowing tourists to experience the Hopi culture in an appropriate, non-disruptive manner.

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