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This painting by Constantino Brumidi is called "Columbus and the Indian Maiden."

9 Teaching Resources That Tell the Truth About Columbus

Christina Rose

Columbus Day Books

There are two books, both named Columbus Day, that are suitable for young children. One by Holiday Histories and the other by Vicki Liestman. They are not thorough, but are fair.

Columbus’s Journals

Columbus’s journals offer many ideas for lesson plans. Exploring stereotypes, cultural norms, religious freedom, are all lessons that could be drawn from his journals.


Showing students a slideshow of anti-Columbus Day protests by modern day Natives shows mainstream children that indigenous people are still here and have strong feelings about the celebration.

Columbus Day carries painful cultural association for indigenous populations, and has been protested for years.

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Two Perspectives

Columbus Day From Two Perspectives offers students in grades 4-6 an opportunity to learn about what happened to the Taino people who suffered at the hands of Columbus and his men. The Lesson Plan website even asks for Columbus Day lesson plan submissions, admitting they only have a very few.

“The truth shouldn’t be hidden. Instead of hiding it, people should be able to learn from it,” said Anton Wazlawik, 17, a senior at Prescott High School in Wisconsin. “I feel grateful that our school hasn’t censored that information. Instead of tempers flaring, we should look at the facts. There are too many people who feel their way is the only.”


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Henri Chevillard
Henri Chevillard
Submitted by Henri Chevillard on
There are videos regarding Columbus. Here is a good documentary from National Geographic.