Engraving by Theodor de Bry, from Bartolome De Las Casas's 'A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies,' depicting atrocities wreaked by Columbus and his men on the idsland of Hispaniola.

'Indian Holocaust': A Poem for Columbus Day

Brian Vallie

After a very long trip, we've finally made it to your shores, we bring with us greed, corruption and disease by the spores.

We'll conceive Manifest Destiny for ourselves so strategically, it doesn't have a place for you though, and will end for you tragically.

You taught us to eat and survive when our lives were at stake, when we gain your trust we'll repay you with a smallpox outbreak. When winter comes and your elders and children are cold, we'll give them nice fuzzy blankets to hold. Gifts straight from the heart that are soft as a fox, did I mention they're knowingly infected with smallpox?

The smaller your numbers the more land we can claim, it's nothing personal, it's just the name of the game. Claiming good land and attempting to build wealth is a right only for white settlers capable in health. Your land is reserved and you cannot leave the space, we'll use force to make you stay so you all know your place. As your wardens we'll make you dependent on what we give you, we will not let you hunt and our rations will feed few. You see, it's a system of dependence that we want to create, through future generations to be all bound by fate. A fate we've created to always keep you dependent, on the promises and lies of a deceitful government.

You'll go from a proud nation that in every way was thriving, to living in third-world poverty and barely surviving.

We'll take away your beliefs and forbid your spirituality, our religious propaganda will take the form of Christianity. To conquer you fully we must not only have your land, but you must take our beliefs and accept Jesus' hand.

The Black Hills is one of your most spiritual places, so well taint it with our big ugly ass-faces. When Mount Rushmore is built it will serve as a symbol that your hand of spirituality is now under our thimble. This spiritual conquest is done when you all worship Christ, so we'll leave it up to your people to continue the heist. We'll build churches on reservations complete with a bell, so tell all your non-believers they'll surely burn in hell.

Now let's have our great feast and kindly break bread; since you don't speak European you don't know what I said. For our sinister plans don't benefit you at all, and I await the day when your Great Nations fall.  


Christopher Columbus

Brian Vallie (Crow/Chippewa Cree), wishes to live in a world free of hipster headdresses and oppressive red tape towards Natives (we can dream can’t we?).

For 4 years Brian worked for the A&M Talent House, New Mexico's largest talent agency, overseeing the Native American division. It was during this stint that encouraged Brian's eventual goal, to help inspire a positive Native American paradigm shift by contributing entertaining and authentic content in media via the best way he knows how -- Writing. Brian's groundbreaking modern comedy project "Buffalo in the Room," was highlighted during the annual Honoring Natives in Entertainment Media event in Los Angeles, CA. "Buffalo in the Room" is slated to finish production next spring.

Brian resides in Los Angeles, currently writing his first novel: "Born Again Heathen," a fictional dark comedy. When he's not writing you can find him playing "zombie" with his 5y/o son James, zoning out, exercising, or traipsing around Los Angeles with his high school sweetheart Janae and their son in tow.

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neferet's picture
Submitted by neferet on
What can I say about the picture shown above. It is dreadfully violent and barbaric. I am white living in the UK and I was taught to believe Columbus was a hero. I am so sorry for all that has happened to your peoples since 1492. At times I am ashamed to be white as the white man, no matter where he has walked has taken nothing but illness, disaster and cruelty in the name of land and religion.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
To neferet: No apology is necessary. The fact that THE TRUTH is known by as many people as possible is some compensation for the suffering of our people. Too often we are perceived as whiners by the general populace. Too often our stories go untold in the History classroom while mythical stories like the "discovery of America by Columbus" are taught as truth.

Ido's picture
Submitted by Ido on
I know this history of Native Americans Holocaust when I was a child and never showed this story in the school. I am not calling Native Indians correctly word , just Native Americans as Native Canadians. Why did Colombus call Native Indians to Native Americans? He was traveling to India from Portugal through round of Africa and he believed that to sail the ship to India through Atlantic ocean till found America land after long weeks. By the way, I am not celebrating " Thanksgiving " as holiday , it is just " Thankstaking " as Memorial Native Americans Day. I am lighting the Memorial Candle every year on November 26 in the evening! NATIVE AMERICANS NEVER WALK ALONE AND UNITED NATIVE AMERICANS WE STAND!

Stephen Downey
Submitted by Stephen Downey on
I am kinda lost in the fact that this is a poem about the forming of the USA. Columbus landed in southern part of the Bahamas then sailed south to Cuba and Haiti. But he had nothing at all to do with anything mentioned in this poem.